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I have been involved with Photography for a sum total of about three years. I live in the Bay Area. If you mean what format do I like to shoot in I would say that 35mm is all I can afford.
welcome! i too am a bay area amateur photographer. i agree with your comments on "photography" really being "imaging" these days. i get really upset when i'm on p.n and see a nice image only to learn its been heavily post-processed on a computer. it means that image i saw doesn't really occur and no equipment could have captured it.

i also started out wtih 35mm. i made the leap to medium format with a holga (a $20 camera!) and totally loved the larger negatives. i've gone crazy (as most of my friends (all of whom aren't photonerds like us)) as i've made another leap to large format.

i just recently joined apug and find it very refreshing.

where in the bay area are you? are you in any of the local camera clubs (which are sadly mostly digital now)?