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i really see nothing wrong with what he is doing.
i have made images for about 20 years where i
create a "thing" to print with and after i get a good image
or 2 or 3 i get rid of it. there is no way to make another
image, unless i contact print, or scan or make a copy negative
of the print.

one of the best things
about photography is the ability to make multiple images from one
negative, but i also think it can be the greatest stumbling block
of photography as well. nothing becomes unique if there are
10 or 20 or 250 or 1000 images. to me at least, this is why
i have always had an interest with photography from the era when
each image was singular. i see the other side of the road too, if someone
likes something you shouldn't deprive them of what they want ...

John, I agree with you. Cole Weston did this very same thing back in the 80's each of his prints had a part of the negative attached to the back. I think that most of the sought after photographers of time past...printed a very few of some of their most famous images. On the other hand we have Adams who printed "Moonrise" until he himself was sick of it.