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...what is the best suggestion if I just want to write on the back of the cards? ballpoint, felt tip, or just: don't, use a label?
I like writing the postcards as it does have a more personal touch. However, writing thirty odd cards can get a bit tiring. I also have to print a couple of extra to allow for mistakes.

When it comes to pens, well there's a question. I've tried every felt tip that I own, and that's quite a few, and they all bleed into the paper base. Some are definitely better than others though. When using a ball pen the writing is clear but I found it can leave indentation marks on the print side of the card.

Labels allow you to address the cards quickly and error free, however they can come adrift and I've noticed a slightly higher proportion of labeled cards arrive damaged.

So, you pays your money and takes your choice. I don't think there is a correct or "better" way of addressing your cards. It's whatever you feel happiest doing.