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John, I agree with you. Cole Weston did this very same thing back in the 80's each of his prints had a part of the negative attached to the back. I think that most of the sought after photographers of time past...printed a very few of some of their most famous images. On the other hand we have Adams who printed "Moonrise" until he himself was sick of it.
To me, a work of art should be unique. When I make a print, I make one for me and one extra to sell or give away. I keep the negative in case I should have to remake a print for some reason (hasn't happened yet, though).

Years ago I make a beautiful print of some callas for my mother, then framed it and gave it to her as a gift. She hung it in her living room and it received admiring comments from her friends. More than once she asked me if I could "Please make a print for [so and so]," and I replied: "Sorry, no. I made that for you--it's one of a kind, and that's why it's so special. It's a work of art." After a few times she stopped asking me and began to really appreciate the print even more. This was a confirmation to me, that I had the right idea.

I follow this principle for any type of craft/creation of mine: a ceramic, a piece of jewelry I designed and made, etc. I realize I'm in the minority.