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Holy shit...! "rst" already told me that the adress label seems to stick not well on the back of the postcard and might fall off... Hope that most of the postcards will receive the participants.
How "kraker's" card hit his postbox without address label seems strange.
I suppose it must have happened close to its destination... But I checked the front of the house, no sign of a label there. Well, maybe it's pure luck I received it on the same day as the "rusty truck" photo, and the postman just assumed both these "outdated black and white postcards " must both be delivered to the same address

My pic was shot on Sunday morning during a walk through Dresden after having a portrait session with my friend's cousin in one of the numerous baroque gardens the day before. Doing these Sunday morning photos was - compared to the portrait session on Saturday - very recreative for me.
It's a real beauty, great composition!