My opinion is that there is no "bad" MF system, yes even the Kiev, if it is refurbished by one of the people who have made a business of this can be a good system. I chose a MF system for the following reasons:

Availability of repair centers.
Lens quality
Ease and enjoyment of use.

I settled on Hasselblad for the following reasons.

You can go to any big city and find a place that will repair them and will let you rent a part while yours is being fixed, and there must likely be parts available.
Hasselbald has some of the best accessories line for their cameras.
What can a say about lens quality that has not been said before. Sure, the lenses are expensive, but you take one picture with them and you know why. Proof in point is the picture I posted as "My last silver print", it was taken with a hasselblad and the negative is very, very sharp.
Finally the camera is reasonably light weight for a MF. The more you are not bothered by weight the more you will tend to use it. If after 20 minutes of carrying your camera handheld you start to hurt, you will end up going back to 35mm.

IMO do not buy a camera on a recommendation, sit down, think of the qualities you want in a MF system and buy the brand that best fits your list, the rest is irrelevant, all have good glass, all are reasonably sturdy and with e bay all can be had for a lot less than the new prices.