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While your points about galleries are well reasoned, do you think there is something to be said for galleries helping create markets, to stimulate interest and inspiration?
You bet there are Doug. I just didn't want to make their argument for them! There's been a long history in the fine arts of gallery owners, or patrons, who supported an artist financially so he or she could concentrate on creating more art. Sadly, this is far from the norm.

My impression (from waaaaay out here at roads end on the northwestern edge of the continent...and remember, that letter was written 5 years ago) is that there are some gallery owners who bellied up to the trough to get rich, and some collectors who only buy photographs to add to their investment portfolio. Neither has the long term welfare of the photographer in mind, except in somehow increasing the purchase price of the photographs. My point was that the Internet allows photographers another way to sell their work without having to play the game by their rules.

The trick is, a) how to get people to discover your photography, b) how to get people to realize the worth of your photographs without a gallery holding peoples hands, or without giving your work a 'stamp of approval', and c) what kind of pricing structure will work for you and your images.