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I've just taken a quick look (art - photographs - contemporary) on what I think is UK e-bay. It must be very discouraging for photographers who are serious about their work to see the going price for other prints up for grabs - hardly covering the cost of a machine print.

Safe to say, e-bay does not generally appear to "represent" the kind of work referred to through this thread.... that often seems to rest with galleries and photographer's own websites. There are exceptions as some people have said through this thread; obviously many advantages and disadvantages to the various outlets to weigh up.
Hi Doug,

Part of the problem of people purchasing from a photographers website (particularly for large images) which is also true of eBay is that the viewer can not truly see the quality, the tones, color, exposure, etc of the final photo. These can only be seen in person. That is why I have observed over the years that purchasers of my work usually have seen the work in person (as in from Art Shows), but they may purchase the size based upon their available space which they can later confirm on the website.