I have been thinking about the situation wherein Alex commented about the speed of the emulsion and the higher contrast of the "hard" grade coupled with even higher speed than the "soft" grade.

I have been trying to minimize speed and contrast changes between formulas and have been able to come up with a variety of intermediate custome curves. I mentioned up to 7 possible grades of this Azo type emulsion. Well, it seems that I can even fit curves in between those cracks as well and get a large number of different grades.

I'm posting two examples here of what I would call nominally 2.0 and something just a hair higher than that and which has just about the same printing speed.

Included in these experiments were also attempts to improve overall coating yield on hard to coat surfaces. I have improved the formula for baryta as far as visual inspection goes, but the samples await testing.

I am now working to improve the coating quality on canvas and watercolor. Right now, the results on a good coating are striking, but the yield is too low on these rough absorbant papers.

Just thought you might want to see these. As usual, the heavy matte surface of this paper does not scan well. I will be processing the other examples as soon as possible, but the canvas and watercolor will scan even worse than these.

I'm burnt out after 4 days coating these and 1 day processing.