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Not an answer to your question but it sounds similar to me a few years ago. I was determined to go medium format. Then with 4x5 prices falling on ebay I decided I might as well go 4x5, then I ended up saying well if I'm going to go 4x5 I might as well go 8x10 and contact print. If you are on a tight budget think about 8x10 and contact printing. A used 8x10 off of ebay, some holders, a used spot meter, contact printing frame, lightbulb, and paper, you're practically set -and it could be a lot cheaper than getting a medium format kit, enlarger, etc..
I just talked to a professional photographer today who shoots on 4x5. He was showing me some of his negatives and they were very impressive. He said that I should consider just making the jump to large and skip medium. The thing that I am worried about is the cost of film for large format. How much do you pay about for film and do you ever proff with polaroid? What process do you use, paladium, platinum or regular old darkroom wet processing?