I'll probably go to the Miami show this year. They can be hit or miss, some years good some very poor. I think alot has to do with whether the dealer did good last year which will intice them to return again and the other influence is the travel expenses. Some of the dealers that come around stay with friends or stay cheaply in a RV park so it won't cost them near as much as if they have to stay in a hotel. There's a few different guys that come in from out of state which I enjoy talking to and have bought from but in the past I've heard remarks about a few not coming again due to poor sales. It really depends on how hot the economy is and which way the wind is blowing on any certain day. The show took a big kit tho when Ebay came on strong years ago. Still, buyers and lookers do enjoy holding the item. With the market now at the point where there are good used digital items available and the economy still reasonably good I would expect a decent showing but anything can happen. I always felt the Largo show which precedes Miami to be the show to go to only because the Miami show gets the left overs. Personally I only go to find accesssories and play with items that I don't get a chance to hold. It's basically entertainment for me.