Hello and welcome.

Like you, I was out of the fine art business while raising a family. When I decided to get back with it, a 67C came to me at a bargain price for the time, circ 1989. Since then I have obtained an old (read ancient) Omega DII upon which I work from 35mm thru 5x4.

The Beseler is great for 35mm thru 6x7. It has limitations such as the lens mounting system and adjustment limitations, Both can be overcome with some inginuity. I can recommend the Beseler with a good lens for a starter.

However I think you would be much better off getting a 4x5 Omega or Beseler (or Durst or phillips or ...., depending on $). They really don't cost all that much more and there will come a time when monkeying around with a 67 (or 23) to obtain a given result will become tiresome. The space required for my Omega is not much larger than the 67C and the selection of lenses, mounts, and carriers (on E--y) is so much greater - especially now.

Having said that and wrecked my chance for a sale, I have an almost mint 67C I can let go. Unfortunantly the cost of shipping almost exceeds the worth of the item, but if you are interested in a pick-up or delivery within the Wash-Balt-Annap area, let me know.