Is there a reason why this simple "price increase thread" is being dragged into the political arena?

Simple fact, my brother works in the medical imaging field and told me at Christmas that Kodak was raising its prices on X-Ray (and presumably other film).

He now works for an end-product producer of equipment (Phillips) but used to work for a vertical producer (Konica-Minolta) and told me that the "others" always wait for Kodak to do the price rise first - and then they follow along!

Cut the political crap here please. I consider "W" and his folks to be beyond disgusting - but I don't come to APUG to hear political chatterboxes!

And, yes, this all started with Roger and his unnecessary gratuitous statement that "W" has been responsible for the trading decline of the dollar.

Did any of you think that it is a deliberate move by the Fed to redress the US trade imbalance by keeping interest rates low and thus pushing the dollar down? It is a risky gamble because it also means that large US Treasury securities holders (e.g. China) will experience a decline in the value of their reserves.

But this is intended - the US Treasury is trying to "push" China and the other large US securities holders to shift some reserve assets to the Euro.

Economically, the real international game is being played out in East Asia - not the Middle East!