HP5+ was the only film I used and I buy 4-5 boxes of 8x10/4x5 a at time and buy it many times at year as I shoot a lot.

At this rate I will be switching again. I realize goods cost more but this is the second time in a short time span. What is the deal?

nobody likes increased prices but if it keeps the materials I love to use in my camera bag and darkroom then I will deal with it....even it I don't like it.
There are two ways to look at this. Higher prices means fewer can afford to buy which means your beloved film will be gone as they wont be able to sell enough to support the manufacturing of the product.

The best solution would be for them to lower the price and get everyone using their products therefore cornering the market and removing the competition. Then you would have film around for a long time as they would sell tons.

They are basically pricing themselves out of the market. Typical management that only cares abut stock holders and do not real the danger they are causing for themselves in the long run.

Unless of course they want out of the film business then they are doing the right thing and they should just keep raising prices every 6 months. IN two year they will be out of the film business all together.

Hmm, cost of silver, other raw materials or the currancy spread? I am slowly becoming an Ilford Paper, chemicals and film fan, this could get expensive but at least they are still around. I rather support a firm that is enthusiastic about film photography.
FUJI, Efke and Forte. no need to be gouged by Ilford.

7% doesn't seem too much to me,

Sure if you only buy 1 or 2 boxes of film or 5 rolls of film a year. You are right it is not big deal but when you buy a lot of paper and film it adds up. And when sales are slow the price increase kill you form a business standpoint.

Cut the political crap here please. I consider "W" and his folks to be beyond disgusting
For once we finally agree on something.

They raised the prices here in Japan on Ilford products back in November, by about 8 percent or so. So its certainly not limited to North America, while its not the best thing for us, its the price we are going to have to pay to keep using film. And I will happily keep paying as long as I can.
NO not really we do not have to put up with it. Just change brands and let them see how it feel to have sales drop by 8-10%. Two can play at their game. EFKE and Fuji films are nice and their are more papers than Ilford to boot.

Yes I am a HP5 person but I am really getting tired of the fee hikes more than once a year.

They are starting to remind me of Feebay.