Thanks for the info-I'm going to try it this week.I've seen WJs homepage but am not on the mailing list.The pro grain filter(actually there are two:course and medium that come in one package)is made by sunpack,I believe but is availible from B&H photo-the only place I've seen it.They go inside the camera between the shutter and the film and depending upon which one you use you get acertain amount of grain on your negs,prints.The problems are,dust-If any dust,even the smallest particle is on it then the dust spot will appear on every photo in the roll so unless you use a black bag to remove it your also geting grain with each photo.Also it would appear,at least with IR film(I did not use them with regular bw film)that they are very inforgiving of exposure.The more you overexpose the neg-well lets just say it disapates the entire image,so you need to be exact with exposure.The only other issue is not poking it through the shutter(a warning on the label)but I saw no real concern.