Mike you could be right but with this new increase they are now quite a bit more expensive than Kodak if you compare TMax 400 to HP5+ by looking at prices on freestyle. Even before the increase they were more expensive.

Doesn't make much sense to me as Ilford film is not better. I love HP5 but I can learn to love another.

LIek I said they are jsut pricing themselves out of the market. Look at Efke you can get 50 sheets for around $101 8x10, Kodak 50 sheets $155 now with the increase Ilford HP5 in 8x10 for 50 sheets will be $166. I realize that Efke does not sell 400 speed film but still if you compare FP4 is the same on HP5 at $166, and Efke is almost $60 cheaper. They need to realize that EKFE is a good film and people will make a switch and leave. You think they had problems before the re-structuring, let them keep raising the prices and they will be out of business in the film market.

People only have so much expendable income as you say.

Just my two cents.