We are actually coming from the same place kevin, I really do understand. I shoot 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 plus the odd roll of 120. The only Ilford I can afford to shoot is 4x5 and 120 (strange last time I priced Efke 120 vs Ilford they were about the same - go figure). Also, I prefer the 50 sheet box so that I know I can load more than 12 holders (OK, that does not happen that often).

Plus when testing film, it is much easier on the pocket book to test using Efke than Ilford. All that said....I have had the infrequent quality issue with Efke, that I have not had with Ilford. And Efke does not have a 400 speed film that I am aware of...so it is either Kodak or Ilford (I just haven't gone through the process to pick one for the sheet films - like the idea of using one film for all three formats - 4x5,5x7 and 8x10).

Let's hope this will be the last increase from anyone for a while.