Since I only shoot 35 and 120 I am not really hurt by this increase - espescially since by chance I did buy a brick of HP5+ last month.

My suggestion to all, and espescially the big format folk, would be to stock up now (provided you have good storage capabilities) at the pre-increase prices.

Of course this helps Ilford dealers clear their shelves of aging inventory and thus helps Ilford book more orders for (higher priced) replenishment. After all, they need we "end users" to complete the pass-through.

So buy now on the past 2006 price increase. Then we can all get back to shooting off the stull until next year at this time and do this "griping" all over again for the 2008 price boost - and consequent "inventory clearance" by buying at the by then "old" 2007 increase!