7% is hardly profiteering, especially (as has been pointed out) with rising transport and manfacturing costs.

When Ilford went into administration not very long ago the wails of despair from these forums were loud and long (I know, I was one of the wailers). They restructured to fit the smaller market and came back. Because of that we still have a major high-quality film, paper and chemicals materials producer who is publicly committed to traditional black & white photography and who is both bringing out new products and bringing back old ones (possibly two, I'm genuinely not sure whether Fuji still fit all of the above criteria).

There have been requests on the forums for more new products, including several threads on "Delta 25". Well, development (no pun intended) of that emulsion and other products will require funding. Where do you think the money for that will come from?

Ilford operated at a loss before and it drove them into the ground. I for one am not going to criticise their current business model while the product quality is high and the company's future is secure.