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I have no idea if this is relavant, but I bought a beautiful vintage Beseler 23II on ebay for a song.
I also bought an older 23CII from eBay for next to nothing. I think it was $75 + $50 S/H (the previous owner didn't dismantle it). That price bought the enlarger with a condenser head, 35mm carrier, and El-Nikor 50mm f/2.8 lens. If you look at the older ones (the blue ones!), you'll find great deals!

The 23C can make very large enlargements against a wall, has various heads available, and accepts larger negatives (up to 6x9cm). The 23C will not enlarge large format negatives. If you're considering getting a large format camera, you'll need something bigger than the 23C or 67 Beselers.