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I have more or less settled on the Bessler printmaker 67. I figure I can do all the 35mm work I want to right now and also have the option to enlarge medium format as well. I really only have a budget of no more than 2 or 3 hundred dollars and the printmaker seems to be the best.
have you checked out craigslist? do a forsale search for darkroom or beseler. i've seen a number of darkroom sets on there. you can also check out local swap meets. i think the hayward camera show is coming up (i can re-post with info when i get home).. a friend of mine came home with arms full of free stuff from the hayward show.. trays, graduated cylinders, development tank for 35mm, etc. i'd check over free/cheap avenues first, with "everything going digital" these days. k+s in palo also has used darkroom stuff, although a bit pricey. that's where i got my beseler 23iic.