I HAVE to take pictures on silver and print on silver. I am not an "Artist", however I may be a dilettante elitist, and I am not wealthy by most U.S.A. standards, but, my Muse demands an analog work flow. So I am willing to pay the price.
I have wasted too much time and money with the digital work flow to learn that fact. Some people can use it, I can't.
Ilford has proven to me that they are worth the time and money spent on their products. They have pissed me off in the past and they probably will in the future. (not much chance of a true matte warmtone in fiber I suppose).
None the less, this increase in price is the wave of the future. Inflation, oil prices and interest rates are the cause and the only way prices will go down is by way of a depression. Imagine, a box of 11x14 fp4+ for a dollar! Of course you will only be bringing home a dollar a day, if you're lucky.

So, you think you can do a better job at running Ilford? Buy it and lets find out!


Take pictures, not prisoners