The emulsion used was Rockland AG plus and one I made ny self from the Kodak AJ-12 instructions. The home made emulsion seemed to work a little better. The exposures : F:32, 8 sec, sun.

I first used Dektol developer diluted 1:2, Then 1:1 and got a better image. The next time the development will be done with undiluted developer along with the thiocyanate.

The plates used where jappaned iron plated for the collodion process, but some times the emulsion peeled of when drying and some times it stayed put.

I gave the last plates a coat of urithane spray and that caused a chemical fog on the jappaned plates and the black trophy aluminum plates as well.
I have albumen subbed some black aluminum plates this morning and will put them to the test. The backs of the plates had also been varnished to prevent chemical reactions with the developer.

I will let you know how things turn out.