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I've done dryplate a la the alternativephotography.com article. My first batch was disastrous, and I'm going to try another in the near future. I'll let you guys know of any refinements I might incorporate. Silver Gelatin is a great book if you can find it.
Not so simple, 'Silver Gelatin' is out of print now - I was going to PDF it and put it in the public domain, but unfortunately the type is so small and fine that I can't get satisfactory scans, and needless to say the original files are scattered to the winds. So the best option may be do a revised edition, and as it's now 10 years since the first one, there should be plenty of good new work - we already have some worthy of inclusion. Anybody who feels they have original emulsion work that 'pushes the envelope', please email me.

Slight shift of topic, we started an 'emulsion archive' on the Silverprint website for the same reason as this series of threads has been developing, the feeling that it's worth trying to pull together emulsion lore. Maybe in due course some arising cottage industries might possibly look at going into production again, just as they did at the start in the 1870's. It's still early days, but the content so far is linked from page 7 in the Silverprint 'News', and there's a link back to this APUG forum heading.