There are so many different designs for these things and I love to hear of others ways of building their pinhole cameras. I havn't made one for roll film yet but would like to in the future. I have 3.75 pinhole cameras a 4x5, 5X7, 8x10 and I have an unfinished 11X14. They're pretty straight forward wood boxes and I use standard film holders and a hinged back (on the camera) with foam and another piece of wood that keeps pressure on the holder without pressing on the dark slide. Having a hinged back allows me to open it up for cleaning and adjusting the shutter if needed. I modify Hoga shutters to accept a shutter release cable and seems to work well. This part may sound crazy but I have sprayed adhesive inside my cameras to help keep the dust away from the film. I would never do this to my View camera though at least I don't think I would.

Has anyone used IR film with a pinhole? It's something I've wanted to try, I leave the holga shutter together with the lens barrel (?) with out the lens on it and a step up ring would be easy to attach with a red filter. Any ideas on exposure using Maco IR and this set up?

Happy Days