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It all depends on the negative. Some negatives need nothing more than determining exposure and contrast grade. Sometimes I don't even need a test strip but know from the contact print or sheet what is correct....Finally there are certain negatives that can be printed or interpreted a variety of ways and I sometimes revisit them with a new approach or with input from a critique that encourages me to explore the negative further.
Boy, I agree with this! There are some negatives I have that I just love but have a difficult time returning that affection to me. There's one in particular... It's a church steeple, great clouds, nice definition, but I must go though all kinds of machinations to get the blasted thing to print like I know it should look! I can spend hours in my darkroom with one or two prints, but mostly, I will only endure the frustration for so long that I just say "Ok, that's enough...for now." I still go back to it, but I wait, take notes (copious notes) and see if I can figure it out! One of these days, I'll post some of these devils so you all can help me figure out how to *exercise the demons*! haha