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I found this site when doing a search about Pt/Pd: http://home.att.net/%7Ejeffrey.d.mat...title_page.htm

Any idea if the information there is any good or not? I also plan buying Arentz's book since the Houston Public Library doesn't carry it. Should I consider studying the BTZS process as well in order to improve my chances of producing successful prints using a minimal amount of trials?

Thanks for any information you can provide!
Sure, Mathias is a well known pt printer. His site has very valuable information, some of it is a bit too technical and some of it is a bit outdated. Certainly it is a good site to keep on your favorites folder.

Anything that helps you make a good negative is good. IMO the BTZS is invaluable, in conjuction with the expo/dev palm program, you can get as close as perfect exposures as possible. Since I started using it my precentage of keepers has tripled. What is more, I know that when something goes wrong it was my fault and I can trouble shoot it easily.

Of course there are many succesful pt/pd photographers that dont use it, but then I rather be safe than sorry.

Just remember the key to become a succesful pt/pd printer is persistance. The first few times you will make some of the most horrible prints ever seen, but once the penny drops, there is no going back.

Drop Clay a line and ask him about his workshops, he was of invaluable help to me and if he was able to help me by remote, I can just imagine how much more useful the information would be with him right next to you.