I tend to be a quick printer, making prints from what I think are the most interesting negatives almost immediately they are processed and dry. I also decide very quickly how I want the print to look and set about using the necessary methods of manipulation needed to produce what I want. I'm of the view that if the information is on the negative I will put it on to the paper and if it is difficult there is a way to do it.

I produce a high contrast negative when I can to enable me to best use my method of split grade printing and using post flashing techniques for any really difficult highlights. If the negative is low in contrast I use grades 4 and 5 to produce the contrast to give me the seperation needed to give the print some luminosity. I don't like to be beaten by any negative and I guess that this competitive streak in my drives me on to make the print and to that end I set myself targets. No matter what the problems are I aim to make the finished print in 20 to 30 minutes, even if I'm printing that negative for the first time.