The aluminum plates are black coated trophy engraving plates with a varnish coated on the back to prevent reactions. Also they have been coated on the working surface with a brush on urithane varnish to give the gelatin something to hold on to or it will peel right off when drying. Sometimes the drying emulsion will pull the japan from the plate.
Spray urithane is also being tested again.

Two of the plates done today have shown some unexpeted results. The first two are over exposed but the other two that looked over exposed actualy toned down during drying and one is under exposed while the other is fairly good. This might have happened because they did not get washed other than a quick rinse and put aside for reclaiming. Upon seeing the change in image I speculate that there was still fixer remaining in the surface and cleared the shadow areas and gave them a better wash, but it is still better to get a good image right off with out having to guess.

Eight more 1/6th plates have been coated for tomorrows run, will let you know.