I would encourage a virtual flood of entries - as many as you can make and post. There is no limit.

The submission guidlelines are ::

The photo must be a "distance" shot - no closeups or street scenes, no indoor scenes etc. I am using the word "landscape", but long distance shots done in cityscapes are fine as well. There must be some "parallel" elements in the scene somewhere and extra points are given for having some sort of "transportation" theme included. Any format is fine and any type of film camera is ok - homemade, pinhole, 35mm, LF, MF, Polaroid transfers - I don't care - if it's film and takes a picture - use it!!
Here's a (technically very poor) example : http://www.apug.org/forums/attachmen...6&d=1168002969 for you.
Once the end of Feb is reached, I will pick the victim (winner ) and that person may choose to lead the next round.

I hope this is an ok explanation - please ask if you have any questions.

cheers eh?

PS : i am a very lenient judge ... this is for FUN after all ...