Just checked out an opening tonight at the Hill School in Pottstown. Mr. Sharp displayed some clever concepts nicely executed (and has a good name for a photographer! )

Much of the work displayed appears on his website -- but of course it's better in person. Since I'm currently playing with 6x6, it was definitely a warm fuzzy experience to see virtually everything in square format. He used a Mamiya 6 for the work displayed in this show. He is apparently moving into some color work in that other technology, but this stuff was strictly silver gelatine B&W.

He achieves some tricks that look like serious Photoshop work but are done by producing a large image, cutting it out, juxtaposing it on another scene and photographing the result. I thought some of it was pretty clever. Some of the best items were diptychs with totally different subjects sharing common patterns or textures -- some of it bound to cause a smile.

The show is up until 23 February, although access to the gallery (Hill School Center for the Arts, Beech and Sheridan Streets in Pottstown) is iffy on weekends. (I figure maybe two or three of our 17,000 APUGgers are somewhere near there.)