I also haven't seen the pictures but there is a technique of firing your lights off into reflectors or fomecore on each side of the subject to create a directionless flat lightsource and very muted catch lights. This is often done in high key lighting setups.

Feathering your lights is a techique to create a wrap around lighting pattern on the face. If your light is at about a 45 degree angle from the subject, instead of pointing the light directly at them you point to the far side of the face. They will receive slightly less light on the highlight side of the face and since the shadow side is father away the most intense part of the light will strike there. This creates a more wrap around and some say a more pleasing light.

This also works for photographing more than one person. For instance if you were doing head and shouders portraits of two people. You feather or aim the center of your light at the person farther away, then there would be a more equal lighting on both faces.

Michael McBlane