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Well slap mah arse and call me Judy-Sue! Now aint this here 'bout da purdyest dang thang y'all ever did see fer slippin' under print trays to keep 'em warm on these cold winter days?



P.S. Check out the thermostat control...goes from 40F to 100F.
P.P.S. Late night Googling can be a tangented affair.

This ties in to the 'better writing' thread, too.

Where I come from (Cornwall), the standard pig call is "Hoke! Hoke!"

I tried this in California and the pigs responded.

Obviously, a great deal more research is needed. Are pigs naturally multilingual? Do 'Hoke' and 'Soooeeee' (the latter the normal spelling in upstate New York, where my wife comes from) mean the same thing in Pig? Or are there subtle gradations of meaning?

Oh, yeah; and I always thought 'baby pigs' were called 'piglets'.