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There is also an article on Satista at http://www.bostick-sullivan.com/Tech...a+/satista.htm. Could be the same one Jorge cites above, I did not check.

I have done a fair amount of experimentation with Satista, with these comments.

1. It is in essence a silver-iron process of the same family as kallitype. The result is not a palladium or platinum print but one that consists primarily of silver metal. For permanence it must be toned. Just look at the basic formula. For an 8X10 print you use 3 drops of either palladium or platinum salt, and 1 ml of a 10% silver nitrate solution.

2. In my own working conditions I concluded that making a traditional kallitype print, and then toning with palladium or platinum, was actually less complicated than making a Satista and then toning it. And the final result is the same. Your own work habits may lead to different conclusions.

Sandy King
The article I read specifies a 4% solution, seemed to work just fine. It is really no surprise as 4% is far more silver ions that are needed to replace the pd ions in the paper.