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Is yours the current f6.5 CM-W version that Rick is asking about? If it is, you got a HECK of a bargain. It currently sells for $1595 new and is seldom seen on the used market.

Or do you have the older 360mm 6.3 Fujinon-W ($250 would still be a bargain)? I have one of these, but haven't had a chance to use it on ULF yet to test the coverage. If this is the one you have, is yours the singe coated, or multicoaed version?

I used a 360mm 6.3 Fujinon-W for several years on 7X17. It gave plenty of coverage for this format, but covered slightly less than the 355 G-Claron. The 360mm Fujiononí-W I had, which was one of the older ones, did not cover 12X20, thouugh it just missed.