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I used a 360mm 6.3 Fujinon-W for several years on 7X17. It gave plenty of coverage for this format, but covered slightly less than the 355 G-Claron. The 360mm Fujiononí-W I had, which was one of the older ones, did not cover 12X20, thouugh it just missed.

When you say your 360mm Fujinon-W was "one of the older ones", are you referring to one of the REALLY old single coated models from the 1970s? Or, do you mean one of the EBC multicoated ones from the 1980s that pre-dates the current CM-W models?

The easiest way to tell which you have is the location of the lettering on the front cell. Inner lettering, like on the 420mm Fujinon-L shown below, indicates single coated.

Outer lettering, as shown on the 360mm Fujinon A below, indicates EBC multicoating.

The one I have, is the EBC multicoated version. It is in a factory Copal No. 3 shutter with the chrome ring and definitely multicoated.

The reason I ask is the early single coated models were advertised with 80 degrees of coverage. When the newer, EBC multicoated NWS versions came out, the advertised coverage for most focal langths was reduced and the designs of the shorter focal lenths changed from the standard 6/4 plasmat configuration to either 6/5 or 6/6 construction. I'll have to check all my old Fujinon brochures to see if/when the 360mm f6.3 Fujinon construction ever changed.

If, indeed, the multicoated version of the 360mm f6.3 Fujinon-W covers nearly 12x20, it has a few advantages, on the 7x17 (and posibly 8x20) formats over the 355mm G Claron and 355/360mm Convertible Symmar. For one, it is multicoated. Compard to the G Claron, it is a stop faster and not much bigger (86mm filters vs. 77mm filters). This also makes it considerably smaller than the 355/360mm Convertible Symmar (86mm vs. 105mm filters). And while it may sell for a little more than the Convertible Symmar, at typical selling prices ~$300 - $350 less than a comparable condition G Claron, it's a true bargain among shutter-mounted, multicoated ULF lenses. Most of the ones I've seen for sale recently have been priced in the $499 - $549 range - compared to ~$799 - $899 for a shutter-mounted G Claron.