hello all. Im fairly new to the forum but have found it insanely informative so thanks in advance.

Im in need of a stable fairly inexpensive tripod head for my cambo SC monorail 4x5.

Weight is obviously a consideration, but more importantly, cost. I dont have a whole lot of money so Im trying to find a good (even used) head to use with the beefy bogen/manfrotto legs I already have. the head I presently have just doesnt cut it. The base is too small and the quick release plate remains entirely two loose when the camera is on the tripod. Presently I just use my 3way head with my 35mm and hasselblad and when I shoot with the 4x5 I just attach it directly to the center column which is RIGID and stable as can be. But this doesnt allow any movement so leveling is entirely done through the leg adjustments........ way too inconvenient. it works for now. but Id like to get something a little more convenient.
I do most of my shooting fairly close to the car (when hiking I just use my crown graphic for compactness) but I often times will carry my 4x5 over the shoulder on the tripod a fair distance. I dont mind lugging the weight, it seems worth the final product.

Id appreciate any ideas or input people might have, as Im fairly new to 4x5.