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When you say your 360mm Fujinon-W was "one of the older ones", are you referring to one of the REALLY old single coated models from the 1970s? Or, do you mean one of the EBC multicoated ones from the 1980s that pre-dates the current CM-W models?


It was definitely one of the older ones, single coated and made in the late 1970s. I owned a 180mm version of the older lens and I am fairly certain it would cover 80 degrees, but the 360mm specimen definitely did not cover that much. I figure it was more like 75-77 degrees because it takes about 79 degrees to cover the 12X20 format and the one I had definitely missed. I thought I read somewhere that the longer versions of this lens, i.e. 360mm and 480mm, had slightly less coverage in degrees than the shorter ones, but I can not find the referene.