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It was definitely one of the older ones, single coated and made in the late 1970s. I owned a 180mm version of the older lens and I am fairly certain it would cover 80 degrees, but the 360mm specimen definitely did not cover that much. I figure it was more like 75-77 degrees because it takes about 79 degrees to cover the 12X20 format and the one I had definitely missed. I thought I read somewhere that the longer versions of this lens, i.e. 360mm and 480mm, had slightly less coverage in degrees than the shorter ones, but I can not find the referene.


I just went back and checked through my stack of old Fujinon brochures. From what I can tell, other than the coatings, there was no change to the design from the orignal 360mm f6.3 Fujinon-W until the 360mm f6.5 CM Fujinon-W was introduced in the mid-1990s.

The original Fujinon-W line, introduced in the early 1970s were single coated and advertised to cover 80 degrees at f22. Very early literature shows the coverage of all focal lengths from 135mm - 360mm to be 70 degrees wide open and 80 degrees at f22. A brochure I have from July, 1973 lists the image circle of the 360mm f6.3 Fujinon-W as 608mm at f22. By March of 1976, this figure had been reduced to 485mm (but the angular coverage was still listed as 80 degrees).

Starting around January 1979, the shorter members of the Fujinon-W line were redesigned. At that time, the EBC multicoated NWS line was introduced. A brochure dated January, 1979 includes both the older single coated WS line and several new NWS models. In the NWS series, the 135mm, 150mm and 180mm focal lengths were 6/6 construction. The 210mm NWS was a 6/5 design and the 250mm f6.3 was a 6/4 plasmat type. Coverage of the 6/6 designs was listed as 76 degrees. The 6/5 210mm design was rated to cover 71 degrees and the 250mm f6.3 model had only 64 degrees of coverage.

The two longer focal lengths, 300mm and 360mm, continued to be called W (or WS). They were now EBC multicoated, but continued to be groupd with the older, sngle coated WS line. Other than the coating change, the specs remained unchanged. Still, a 485mm mage circle and an incorrect 80 angular coverage. These specs remained unchanged until September, 1984 when someone finally noticed that the 485mm image circle spec didn't correlate with the claimed 80 degree coverage. At that time, the angular coverage was changed to 68 degrees to match the rated image circle. These specs, and the lens construction remained the same through the the mid-1990s when the NWS Fujinon-W line was discontinued and replaced by the current CM Fujinon-W line.

So, as far as I can tell, prior to the introduction of the CM-W line, there were no design changes to the 360mm f6.3 Fujinon-W. Specs caged, but they seem to be for the purpose of correcting errors, rather than reflecting actual design changes. Fujinon literature from the 1980s is full of errors. In one brochure I have from 1982, someone manually glued little tiny correction slips in several boxes in the specification tables to correct printed errors.

So, I'm hopeful that my multicoated 360mm f6.3 Fujinon-W will cover just as much as your older, single coated model. Based on Emile's report, it sounds like it might. In any case, it will cover at least 7x17 just based on the manufacturer's specs. Perhaps the usable coverage will be a bit more, maybe enough for 8x20 straight on, which would give me a bit of head room for movemens on 7x17.