After some lurking around, I think it's time for me to introduce myself properly.

I've started photography as a hobby about 20 yrs ago with a beat-up Yashica FR, but later had a long hiatus (university, later family, kids, work, you name it).

I rediscovered joys of B&W with a Nikon FM I got a few years back, but the real thing happened two years ago when I got an old Czech Flexaret TLR. Moving to medium format way a real eye-opener!

I got a very small darkroom set up at home, and I do my own B&W - mostly medium format. I've also got a 2x3 Speed Graphic, which I just love for the endless DIY possibilities it presents - see my DIY hacks here.

However, lately I find myself more of a collector and tinkerer than a practising photographer, although I still try to shoot with everything I have - which is getting increasingly difficult :-)

My recent favourites are almost mint Rolleiflex T, and a strange beast in the form of a Russian Kiev 4 and two Jupiter lenses. Sample Kiev 4 photos here.