Yesterday we joined with the Nature Sig from the Southeastern Photographic Society to shoot waterfalls. This was a trip lined up because of the hard freezing low temperatures we are experiencing now- single digits to the twenties. First waterfall on Jacks Creek was ok, a few large icicle formations on the bluff next to it. The little pisser falls on the road getting there were more impressive for the ice formations.
Next we went to Helton Creek Falls. That was good, short hike down from the parking area to the lower cascade- fallen logs with fantastic ice sculptures and a view up the sloping torrent walled in by ice. The upper falls were nearly as nice, vertical drop and a wide flat shallow pool area with ice and boulders.
Then we separated from the group and went looking for Sea Creek Falls using directions from the book "Waterfall Walks and Drives" by Mark Morrison. We were surprised by finding a 4 wheel drive track leading up to the ice covered pool, good thing we just bought a new Xterra. The falls were around a bend from the pool and could be viewed from the top of the bluff accessed by a steep trail coming off where we parked.
After shooting our fill we headed to nearby Little Rock Creek Falls. This one is gotten to by hiking almost a mile along the side of a steep walled ravine. I went by myself because my girlfriend has a weak ankle and couldn't handle the vigorous hike. I was astounded at the depth of the ice accumilations around the falls, in places nearly a foot thick. I hope the pictures I got do it justice.
I'll post the best shot or two in the Gallery when I get them done.