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Hi George,

Though this is not limited to LF or ULF photographers, we are doing bi-monthly informal critique to show your work and get feedback in Philadelphia. It will happen the first Sunday of February at our studio.

You are more than welcome to join us if you like.


An Informal Critique is a great thing. A few years back we had a small group of five photographers that got together every couple of months and showed each other new work. But life has gotten in the way of that and now it's been almost five years since all of us have been together.

I know of a group that is doing the same kind of thing up in the Woodstock, NY area. I was invited up but just can't make the three hour drive on a weeknight.

Let's hear more about your crit. When it starts? How long are they normally? Who sits in on these? What is the level of the participants?

I was looking for other LF and ULF shooters because there is something different about working with the big cameras. There are stories that never happen to smaller format shooters. Plus its fun to watch the expression of passers-by when there are a couple of ULF photographers working at the same location.