i've been trying to be more careful about dust, honest. i was so disappointed last night to see it again on my negatives, after a fun/relaxing outing at stanford.

i uploaded a picture of my negative in the technical gallery.
i'm seeing white specs and white lines. and black dust.

thinking about it, the 'white' dust must be on the negative at the time of exposure. the 'black' dust must be on the negative when i put it into chemistry and getting embedded on the surface.

i thought the used changing bag i got was a source of dust. so i loaded the film in my darkened bathroom/darkroom. there must still be dust.. i haven't tried using humidity or filters to reduce airborne dust. i should do this.

i thought to try blowing the negative after i remove the dark slide, prior to pulling it put and dipping it into chemistry. but i think canned air may just bring up more dust in my bathroom.

i think i will pick up a cheap humidifier (i need to go shopping for other items anyways) and try that. days like today i just feel cursed. it's so frustrating to have a problem, try to avert it, and get plagued by it again. we'll see. i dont think i'm giving up yet.. doing LF is too cool to let this stop me.