I would buy a book such as the Simmons book or if you are more technically minded there is an excellent book by an author, last name of Stroebel, that covers science and theory of using a view camera and why it does what it does.

The reason a book is appropriate is two-fold. First, you can make perfectly acceptable images playing with the camera and tweaking this movement and that. You can also waste a lot of time trying to get the depth of field, focus and composition you want if you don't have some basic information.

Second, the more basic knowledge you have before the workshop, the more you will understand and get out of the workshop.

Also, do not underestimate the importance of a good tripod. Many on this and other forums will argue that a tripod is equally important as lenses and the camera itself. I concur with that opinion. Use an unsuitable tripod for awhile and then switch to a tripod for LF and you will be amazed by the difference in sharpness of your negs.