I've pretty much stopped using 35mm for B&W, but I have about 400 feet of this stuff--probably in excess of 25 years old--and it's kind of interesting. Despite having a substantial base fog density, the film has such a long tonal scale, that there's plenty of range left over. My densitometer died a while back, but when it was working, I was getting b+f of .5 and then a Dmax of 2.1 over that. I've attached a flatbed monochrome scan from a straight selenium toned print on Cachet (Maco) Expo G grade 2.

I'm processing it in Dektol 1:3, 5 min., 68 deg. F with 2 ml Edwal Liquid Orthazite per 8 oz. developer (planning to try 5 ml next batch to see if I can further reduce the base fog without losing too much speed), and I'm rating it at EI 80. The results are grainy, but fairly sharp. It doesn't respond terribly well to other developers (D-76, Perceptol), but I have yet to try pyro.

It would be great if they made it in a larger format, but it only seems to come in 35mm and 16mm.