No, that's not a typo -- I didn't mean to say "Latest."

Here it is, fresh off this morning's edition of the Kodachrome list (I withheld the poster's name for reasons of his privacy. It's no secret, he posted it to a public list, and anyone can go look at the web archives, but still, I don't want to publish his name. Call me old fashioned.) Here is is, form your own opinions. I've already formed mine (I'm smelling the "Tech Pan Playbook" all over again), and I'm none too happy this morning:

I work in a support role for the fifth largest telco in the US. About
a week ago a gentleman called in for help with a VPN connection.
During the course of our conversation he told me that he works for
Kodak in sales at a regional level or something like that. The
division he works in is not directly related to film, so take this
with a grain of salt. (For obvious ethical reasons I shouldn't be any
more specific as to his identity.)

I admitted to him that I still shoot film and he replied "You're the
one!" He went on to tell me that any Kodachrome I'm currently
purchasing was probably coated almost two years ago, that it's
discontinued, and that I shouldn't expect to be able to buy any more
once Kodak's current stock runs out. At that point the engineer I was
waiting on got back to me with a solution for our technical problem
and our conversation ended.

Again, I have no idea how much truth or mis-information was passed on
to me. He did not specify 64 or 200 or pro or whatever. Just thought
I'd share.