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So are folks shooting Efke and other East European films over there or do you think the nostalgia for former-Communist photographic materials is mainly a strictly West European and American fetish?

When I was in Poland recently, I don't think I saw any East European films or papers in the shops--just Ilford, Agfa, Fuji, and Kodak.
Well, the "old types" like myself are still shooting Efke, thank you very much :-)
Most of the "analog" guys I know around here who do B&W themselves are using it. Most of those guys swear by Efke R25 developed in Rodinal 1+50.

I even bought a pack (10 rolls) of Efke R100 in 127 size a few weeks ago - even though I don't have anything to shoot it in :-))))
I'm thinking it will be a good excuse to get a Yashica 44 or even a baby Rolleiflex (provided I manage to get one without breaking the bank).

However, every now and then there's roumors that the factory will shut down - then I'm on the phone again, asking them (at Fotokemika factory) what's up.
Any every time I get reassured that they still plan to go on with production.
Still, I was surprised to hear that their main source of income is X-ray film (think hospitals). They've cut down somewhat the production of paper, but the film is still going strong (keep your fingers crossed, though).

But, their film is availably mostly direct from the factory - they recently closed down their last retail store in Zagreb :-(((