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Denis, how much can you get 4x5, 100 asa film for?
Well, I have relatively recent prices for their film, but no 4x5 format.
They do "Western" formats (e.g. 4x5) only periodically for large buyers - e.g. for "Fotoimpex" in Germany, and a lot of their stuff is later rebranded "Maco", I think.

The closest "European" format(s) I have listed are 9 x 12 cm and 10 x 15 cm.
(4x5 is approx. 10,1 x 12,7 cm).

9x12 is about $20-$22 (USD) for 50 sheets, and 10x15 is about $16-$18 (USD) for 25 sheets. The variation in prices refer to "floating" exchange rate of the USD.

Those prices are if you buy direct from the company (Fotokemika) - add to that also the postage (sometimes rather costly in Croatia), and you get the picture. If you buy in (retail) stores or labs which carry photo stuff, it would be a bit more.

I don't know why you're asking - if you're thinking of buying direct from them, forget it - I don't think they would sell retail abroad. Also, the postage would be outrageous (did I mention that postage rates in Croatia are among the highest in Europe?).