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The developing agents CD3 and CD4 can be purchased commercially.
What I meant was, could a capable kitchen chemist, or even somebody with access to, say, a college chem lab, cook these from scratch? I understand that the CD3/CD4 are the real magic potions in the color developers. I've looked at some of the recipes, and this is really the only thing exotic in there.

I'm not a wet darkroom expert, but I know you can make a passable B&W developer from a number of things, Tylenol, coffee (soda? beer?) and it seems like most of the ingredients of color chemicals are common, except for the CD3/CD4.

I assume Fuji makes their own. Do they?

And, BTW, Kodak vacated the patent, thereby donating it to the public.
Oh really? Kodachrome in the public domain, huh?

I just remembered a conversation from maybe a year or so ago on one of the boards, could have even been here, where they were talking about one of those old film processors, probably Rocky Mountain, maybe Film Rescue, trying to re-formulate the color developers and dyes for K12 so they could actually get color from that film again. I never heard if they were successful or not.