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Oh really? Kodachrome in the public domain, huh?
I'd think most if not all of the pertinent patents have long since lapsed. K14 is 1970s technology. Those patents have got to be at least 30 years old by now.

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I just remembered a conversation from maybe a year or so ago on one of the boards, could have even been here, where they were talking about one of those old film processors, probably Rocky Mountain, maybe Film Rescue, trying to re-formulate the color developers and dyes for K12 so they could actually get color from that film again. I never heard if they were successful or not.
There was recent discussion on the Kodachrome list, about a machine that Kodak owns the patent filing (I believe it's the "dry process" scanner they purchased from ASF, and then dropped all development on it).

This machine will allow the full color scanning of Kodachrome, using only a B&W developer.

It scans the three B&W negative layers, and builds a color image file from that data.

It uses a three dimensional scanning technique, so that it can scan each layer separately.

Since the process uses no color development at all, it can work with any kodachrome -- K14, K12, K10, and earlier -- in any format.

Unfortunately it appears that this machine has been buried, never to come to market (presuming it's the same ASF technology that was reported thusly shortly after Kodak's acquisition of the stuff).

I'd known about the machine, and I'd read the reports that said they would not be bringing it to market, but I had no idea of the Kodachrome implications, until I saw the patent info (the Kodachrome list archives should have the links if you're curious). The patent specifically mentions that it could be used for Kodachrome.

WRT Rocky Mountain, I read somewhere that they have their KLAB up for sale, for something like $45 grand.